Stove Upkeep and Safety Pointers

The absolute best stove maintenance tip is keeping it clean. Keeping the top of the stove clean is not just essential for appearances, but basic safety as well. Cleansing the stove top can be a tedious job, so precautionary upkeep is the ideal answer. The following are some helpful stove use, care and cleaning tips from the Clinton appliance repair expert:

Wash all spills as quickly as possible and if necessary, clean the stove top right before using it to stop food from being cooked onto the surface, making the work more challenging

Keep electric and gas burners clean. Clean burners generate heat more effectively so they will do the job more efficiently. Food and debris on or inside the burner can possibly be a fire risk.

Switch off electric burners two to three minutes before cooking is done to let the remaining heat finish the job.

Work with a pan that fits the burner. The appropriate size pot or pan will distribute heat more effectively, and a lot less energy will be wasted heating the air.

Replace drip pans if they get permanently stained

Food spills or grease accumulation can be a serious fire danger. If disregarded, a poorly maintained cooktop will become virtually impossible to clean and bring back to new condition. Some foods can mar the finish and lead to rust and corrosion. Managing to keep it clean is the most ideal way to maintain its looks.

Simple maintenance can be done by the owner, but always Call Appliance Master® for technical difficulties to avoid personal injury or further damage…the Master will send a qualified stove and range repair man to quickly address the problem and get you cooking again!